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Install JavaTM, then download ConsultComm 3.1.1:

Linux Installers

  • Linux RPM (built for SuSE, but should work with RedHat or other RPM distributions)
  • IzPack Installer
  • Binary ZIP File
  • Windows® Installers

  • IzPack Automated Installer (extract to your desktop, then run Setup.exe)
  • IzPack Installer
  • Binary ZIP File
  • Other Platforms

  • IzPack Installer
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  • Source Tarball (view in CVS)
  • Skins and Theme Packs
    ConsultComm is skinnable! To download skins and themepacks for ConsultComm, visit Javootoo's Skin Look And Feel Theme Packs.

    Beta and Archived Releases
    For older releases (for Java 1.2 or 1.3) as well as the latest beta releases, go to the SourceForge File Releases page.

    ConsultComm requires the Java 1.4 runtime environment

    View the notes and changes since the last ConsultComm release.


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