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Complete Project Timekeeping Made Simple
ConsultComm is a small, lightweight, platform-independent program written in Java that allows anyone managing multiple projects, clients or tasks to effectively keep track of exactly how long they've worked on each project.

Since I started development in November of 1999, several other time tracking projects have popped up. But ConsultComm is unique from other applications since it is:

  • Easily integrated into your existing time management or billing system; JDBC support is included so you can instantly upload all your times and projects into most JDBC and ODBC compliant databases
  • Platform-independent, so you can unify all your OS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris workstations with a single application
  • Released as open source, so you don't have to worry about vendor lock-in or customization problems. Download and use ConsultComm freely under the GPL, without having to worry about paying any license fees
  • Quickly extensible by utilizing plugins created using the standard JavaBeans framework. Users and other developers can easily create their own plugins to quickly add custom functionality to ConsultComm
  • Customizeable to uniquely fit your own personal style preferences thanks to SkinLF
  • It's easy to get started - just download ConsultComm for your platform and take a look at the latest development news.

    To find out more technical info about ConsultComm, submit bugs, browse through the discussion forums and even more fun stuff visit ConsultComm's SourceForge Page.